AND AND AND – Stammering: An Interview

Station Museum



AND AND AND – Stammering: An Interview
Performance by Hương Ngô & Hồng-Ân Trương, with post-performance, lunchtime discussion hosted
by Black Lunch Table (Jina Valentine & Heather Hart)
Sunday, Feb 4th, 12pm – 2pm
RSVPs required:

AND AND AND – Stammering: An Interview is a performance event that addresses issues of immigration, citizenship, and racism that aims to create a space for speech, performance, and critical dialogue. AND AND AND – Stammering: An Interview is a project that uses the format of an interrogation to engage participants who have never had to naturalize into the United States to rehearse the process of becoming a citizen. Ngô and Trương’s performance uses material from the recent executive order temporarily banning immigrants and refugees from seven majority Muslim countries. Using interviews with those affected and language from the executive order itself to create an interrogation script, the participatory performance will allow audience members to become active spectators, encouraging us all to give up our own positions in order to understand and be in the place of another’s. Through this kind of engagement, AND AND AND – Stammering: An Interview seeks to problematize the notion of citizenship, national allegiance, and the structure of authority and power implicit in the state.

Following the performance, Black Lunch Table (BLT) will invite the audience to share a meal together and address the issues raised in AND AND AND through intimate roundtable discussions.  This iteration of the BLT will be a post-performance roundtable, an opportunity for the Houston community to participate in critical dialogue on immigration-related issues.  Taking the lunchroom phenomenon of self-segregation as its starting point, BLT seeks to reify the visibility of connections and dialogue existent among contemporary black artists. BLT’s scope includes The People’s Table, which invites local community members to engage in discussion related socio-political issues.  All BLT events are audio-recorded and will be entered into BLT’s online archive. Learn more about The Black Lunch Table

This event is free, but RSVP is required: