HOUSTON PISS DRIVE: Cassils is a Queer Artist Who Collected 200 Gallons of Urine to Protest Federal Trans Bathroom Guidelines

Station Museum



(image above) Cassils, (detail) Capture2017. Photo: Cassils with Robin Black

Cassils, "PISSED", 2017, Sculpture, 200 gallons of urine, 18,000 grams of boric acid, plexiglass. Installation view at Ronald Feldman Gallery

Cassils, “PISSED”, 2017, Sculpture, 200 gallons of urine, 18,000 grams of boric acid, plexiglass. Installation view at Ronald Feldman Gallery


Need volunteers to fill capture containers with urine for Cassils’s PISSED sculpture in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Solutions.

Pick-up capture containers at the Station Museum (1502 Alabama St., Houston, TX 77004).

Pick-up capture containers: Thursday, October 4th, 6-8pm at Paraspace Books 3708 Main St (on the 2nd floor directly above the Continental Club. When you face the building, stairs are located to the left of Tacos A Go Go) https://www.facebook.com/paraspacebooks/

We are collecting YOUR piss from September 17th till Nov 1, 2018.

Citizens, cis- and transgender alike, will hyperperform an otherwise private and bodily function, making the material needs of the body confrontationally public and social.

All you need to do is pick up your free Collection Kit and start pissing.

Once your bottle is filled you can drop it off at the Station Museum and it will be assembled as part of the sculpture.

Learn more : http://new.cassils.net/houston-piss-drive/#1536863425958-bd04c05b-94da

In the remounting of PISSED urine will be donated by the citizens of Houston through a “urine drive” in act of solidarity.

Urine Collection: A How-To

**Please read through before beginning collection**

Contents of your Package:
sanitized urine capture container
33 grams of boric acid
latex gloves

Important Notes:
Do not put anything in the container but urine
Do not freeze the urine
In Between urinations, when filling your container, keep urine refrigerated or in a cooler bag on ice
If not kept refrigerated the urine will grow bacteria and start to smell
Add boric acid when container is FULL * see instructions below

Filling your Capture container:
Wash your hands with soap and water.
If using a funnel wash it with soap and warm water.
Urinate into your capture container
Close tightly after every use

For Funnel Use:
If using a funnel try standing up versus sitting
Pull your pants all the way down if using a funnel so you can easily bend your legs and Fit the bottle between your thighs.
If you choose to use a funnel, fit it around your “area” and insert the small end of the funnel into the opening of the container.
Urinate into the funnel so that it flows easily into the bottle.

When container is full:
Put on latex gloves
Go to a ventilated space and add boric acid
Screw cap on container tightly and seal
Shake vigorously

I’m Done Now What???
Deliver your filled capture containers to The Station Museum (1502 Alabama St. 77004) as soon as you are able.
If you are unable to deliver your piss please contact the museum at 713-529-6900 or email us at station.museum.houston.tx@gmail.com

Repeat as many times as desired!

For a donation of 2 or more full capture containers, Cassils is offering a signed limited editioned print, which we will mail to you.