Miguel Ángel Rojas

Miguel Ángel Rojas, “Santa I”, 2006, digital print Courtesy of Galeria Alcuadrado, Bogotá  and Sicardi Gallery, Houston

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Santa, by Miguel Ángel Rojas, unfolds the possibility of entering into dialogue with the time of the image and with its representation.  A foggy forest builds the scenario for these encounters: it may well be an allegory of savanna landscape, or the instant that records the currently fragile balance of the forests; it may well be an image building parallels between fumigation and fog curtains, or the representation of a political and cultural scene slowly being subject to more and more intervention.

Regardless of its similitude with what is represented, the image does not enhance reality nor does it render a more visible reality. It is the fantasy of being able to observe what appeals to us in it. It seduces us into seeing our own life from a “without” that, being rigorous, is scarcely peaceful.

– Maria Soledad Garcia

Miguel Ángel Rojas, “Caquetá”, 2006, video stills