Arthur Robinson Williams

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Arthur Robinson Williams, From the series: “My Right Self”, Selection of 10 c-prints

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With last year’s battle over trans inclusive/exclusive ENDA (Employee Non-Discrimination Act), ongoing struggles for marriage and family rights, the explosion of trans references in pop culture, and the recent election cycle, the United States is truly caught amid the push and pull of history.

Trans issues and rights are particularly relevant to contemporary questions of social justice and human rights as they inherently invoke conversations on sex, gender, sexuality, behavior, and sociopolitical hierarchies of power which affect all aspects of society.  Sitting at the cusp of liberation and hostility, trans issues reveal more fundamental fault lines in American society that undermine minority rights and control of the body, especially with regard to women and children.

These images (and accompanying text) are meant to confront and dispel myths and misperceptions around marginalized and disenfranchised communities.  The work is not meant to fall into stereotyped patterns of portrayal, however neither is it meant to be neutered.  The images should give viewers permission to stare – as one cannot do kindly in public.  However within their gaze, I hope viewers find something more akin to the familiarity of the Self rather than the fetish of the Other.