Abdel Rahmen Al Muzayen

Abdel Rahmen Al Muzayen, from the series: “Jenin”, ink on paper, 25″ x 19 1/2, 2002

Abdel Rahmen Al Muzayen is a former general in the Palestinian Liberation Organization (now the Palestinian Authority) and a world-class artist. His masterful pen and ink drawings of the destruction of the city of Jenin reflect his commanding love of his country. The figure of a woman, Anat, the ancient goddess of the Canaanites, symbolizes the soul and the strength of Palestine.

Abdel Rahmen Al Muzayen
born 1943 in Kubyba, Palestine
Education. 1966 Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Fine Art of Helwan University, in Alexandria, Egypt.
1975 Masters degree also from the College of Fine Arts of Helwan University
1993 Doctorate in Archeology degree from Khartoum University.
lives and works in Gaza