Abdul Hay Mussalam

Abdul Hay Mussalam, “Village Celebration”, acrylic on wood composite, 27 1/2″ x 48 1/2″, 1985

The works of Abdul Hay Mussalam provide a unique insight into the recent cultural history of Palestine. Mussalam, a self-taught artist, creates relief paintings that are based on traditional Palestinian village life before Al Nakba (The Expulsion) and on his military experience as a professional solider. He served in three wars in Israel, Lebanon and North Africa before becoming an artist. He makes his own art materials out of a potent mixture of sawdust and wood glue. Mussalam lives in a refugee camp in Jordan where his life’s dream is to establish a small museum to house his artwork.

Abdul Hay Mussulam
Born 1933 in Wawayma, Palestine
Lives in Amman, Jordan

Abdul Hay Mussalam, “Uprising in the Occupied Territories”, acrylic on wood composite, 28 1/2″ x 23″,