Hani Zurob

Hani Zurob, “My Eye and the Other”, from the series: “I Tell You No, It Means No”, acrylic on canvas and wood, 37 x 6” and 37 x 37”, 2002

Hani Zurob was born in Rafah, Gaza and now lives in Ramallah, West Bank, where he teaches painting. In 2002 he was imprisoned and tortured for several months without being charged by the Israeli authorities. He faced a broad, erratic set of accusations, and after a long and painful punishment he was finally released without an apology. This painting tells the story of his imprisonment, his dreams of life outside the prison and his psychological war with his captors.

Hani Zurob
born 1976 in Rafah, Gaza
Education. School of Fine Arts of Najah University in Nablus
lives in Betunia, West Bank