Bringing the War Home, 2004

In America today I see much of the country obsessed and blinded by consumerism. Corporate media is filled with a barrage of advertisement promising the perfect look, love, and life with the simple purchase of a product.  Ads such as “Make millions at home in your underwear” have drugged the populace into believing happiness, wealth, love, and power are just one call and $39.99 away.  At the same time, the corporate news media is hiding the truth from the public.

David Krueger

“Bringing the War Home”, 2004, walk-through installation (mixed media)

Krueger’s life-size recreation of a bombed, two-story Iraqi home is extraordinary. Its exterior form and façade are perfect except for a streak of blood. In the rubble of the mostly destroyed interior, a partially visible television broadcasts Bush’s lies about the reasons for war.  A second full-size room depicts a home in Houston which has been ransacked by Homeland Security for suspected terrorism activity.

In this war for oil, innocents on both sides are falling as is our individual freedom.  This is not a war against terrorism, it is terrorism.