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The Station Museum of Contemporary Art announces another evening of experimental sound and musical performances on Wednesday, April 26th starting at 6:30PM.

Abinadi Meza works with microphones and electronics to create sonic material – surfaces, structures and masses of sound that warp, layer and shift as additive and subtractive sculptural processes.

Chin Xaou Ti Won is a combination fusion and juxtaposition of lush atmospheres, pop melodies, contemporary motifs, danceable beats, and at times, jarring noise, CXTW’s sound can best be described as adventurous, textural, and often, unexpected. Markus Cone and St-Michel use a myriad of synthesizers, electronics, processing devices, and computer hardware/software, as well as live percussion, and found sound to create multi-layer music unique to the electronic/pop genre.

Illicit Relationship is a Houston based experimental music project of wife/husband duo Carol Sandin Cooley and Austin Cooley. Melding together drone, avant garde, Kosmishe school Krautrock, ambient, audio collage, noise and musique concrete, and approaching music as sound sculpture.

White Flower will be performing improvised loop based compositions, frequency modulations and noise culled from the void.

Self described ‘fourth world post-colonial appropriators’ Ak’chamel channel lo-fi alien exotica through acoustical instruments, devices and a myriad of configurations and conglomerations shifting and changing from one performance to the next.

Kathryn Fay Mitchell, also known as Bell Toll, is a multidisciplinary artist from Anchorage Alaska and based in the Houston area. Her sonic experimentations include harp and choral textures, field recordings, loops and drones.