Station Museum



Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 3PM – 6PM

Station Museum of Contemporary Art presents a sound series in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.


Dee Dee Watters
is a transgender entrepreneur, community leader, spiritual leader, teacher, keynote speaker, director, and performer using her skills and talent to not only entertain the community but to also educate community. She has been featured on TLC’s “My 600 Pound Life,” VICE, and HBO. Dee Dee has been listed in various magazines like USA Today, the Huffington Post, the Ambassador, OutSmart and many others! She’s the recipient of numerous awards and has made history within the black trans community. She was one of the four honorary grand marshals for the Houston Pride Parade 2019. Dee Dee is the CEO of Take My Calls Virtual Assistant & Answering Services and COO of Koncept Kit Kreative Marketing firm. She is Madam President of BTWI (Black Trans Woman Inc.) and Executive Director of the Transgender National Alliance (TNA). Dee Dee serves on the Mayor’s LGBTQ advisory board and a host of other boards that are in line with her vision of building community, trans inclusion, and equal rights for ALL!

Lisa Cameron
(aka Venison Whirled) is from Austin, TX. Using amplified/acoustic percussion and strings, she locates resonant frequencies in space to create oscillating overtones, which are then employed as sound sources for live improvisation.

Lisa has improvised live with Jandek, Mani Neumier, Eugene Chadbourne, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Faust, Mette Rasmussen, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, claire rousay, Sarah Ruth, Aaron Gonzalez,
Tom Carter, Nathan Bowles, Sharkiface, Dromez, Sandy Ewen, Leslie Keffer, Jonathan Horne, Steve McKay, Rat Bastard, Raub Roy, and others.

In 2013, for the New Media Art and Sound Summit in Austin, Texas, she directed “Canopy Of Sound,” involving 12 suspended cymbal players in an outdoor dynamic context. This led her to form Ommmg, an ongoing all-female acoustic percussion group with ritualistic overtones.

Lisa has turned her attention recently to making instruments and then learning how to play them. In 2018 she was commissioned by Cloud Tree Gallery in Austin, to create an installation which
became a joint effort with artist Brian Johnson. Entitled “Thee Mortal Coil,” the sound sculpture was a 20 foot tall spiral tube that incorporated ball bearings, timed bursts of pneumatic pressure,
and microphones that were routed through a mixer and presented in surround sound.

She also plays drums with various rock bands:
ST37, Suspirians, percussion with Future Blondes, and Three Day Stubble, and played guitar in The Devil Bat and Devil Bat’s Daughter.

claire rousay
is an improviser, percussionist, and event organizer based in San Antonio, Texas. Her work explores queerness, human physicality, and self perception through the use of physical objects and their potential sounds.

rousay has recently performed with Tom Carter, Lori Goldston, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Paul Giallorenzo, and Brandon Lopez. She currently works extensively within duo contexts with both Michael Foster and Jacob Wick. rousay has toured extensively across North America, booking over 200 dates in 2017 alone. In 2018 she participated in the Sonic Transmissions Festival and NMASS Festival as well as performed at venues such as Elastic Arts and Issue Project Room. Her work recently received support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

rousay curates “Contemporary Whatever,” a monthly series for adventurous art in San Antonio; she also collaborated with Artpace to produce Right Now Festival in August 2017, which brought experimental and improvising performers to town from across Texas.

Enemy Goddess
is an improvised ambient noise project based in Houston. She has been active since 2017, and has performed at the Lawndale’s “They, Who Sound” series, and at the MFAH’s “Nameless” concert. A trained percussionist, her trans status informs her decision to create soundscapes outside of what is traditionally considered ‘music.’

Grammy nominated recording artist and music producer Rabit, based in Houston, Texas, has been releasing music since 2012. Over the course of three albums, 8 EP’s, and countless mixtapes and street albums, he hones a sound combining industrial, ambient, avant-garde and rap music to an innovative, political mixture. Visual languages are integral to his work. Select collaborators include Björk, Arca, Elysia Crampton, and House Of Kenzo.

He has presented original music in venues such as CaixaForum in Barcelona, Spain, the Laboral Theatre in Gijón, Spain,

MoMA PS1 in New York, Center MARS in Moscow, and Südpol in Luzern, Switzerland.